What are the Popular Cheating Techniques?

As gamblers, cheating at a casino is almost impossible. However, the only way to cheat is by stealing the chips. On the contrary, have many ways to rig the game. However, casinos risk paying hefty fines if proven guilty of cheating. Some penalties could even attract jail terms. Here are some ways that casinos use to cheat.

Use of Magnets

Rogue casinos may use magnets to cheat players. For example, they place non-magnetic separators beneath pockets. The pocket separator's main component is magnetic steel. Therefore, the dealer is now able to control where the ball will land. Nevertheless, most casinos use magnets in the VIP section when they don't want to pay the high rollers.

Additionally, the steel separators are very identical to the non-magnetic partitions. Logically, the ball will land in the pockets the dealer favors. However, the dealer has to determine the pockets the ball will land before dealing the cards. Every casino that uses magnetic balls has the pockets they favor. For example, most casinos choose:

  • The single zero
  • The double zero

The Use of Machines

Cheating in a roulette game is becoming more complex with the advancement in technology. Earlier, casinos were using wires and levers. The dealer has to connect them on the roulette wheel. However, gamblers can seethe casino is cheating using this method. Nowadays, casinos use machines to cheat. Casinos hide the levers, and wires are perfectly in the wheel.

Also, casinos use electronic ball pins. Dealers insert the ball pins in the ball pockets. In addition, they place an electrical solenoid beneath the ball pins. The solenoid will push the pin outwards when the dealer applies an electric current. By doing so, cheating occurs. However, the usage of the machine is only standard in the VIP section.

Collusion Between Players and the Dealer

Theoretically, rogue dealers may convince other players to cheat other gamblers. However, this only works temporarily. Casino regulations are pretty strict. The dealer will be in big trouble if the casino management notices any collusion. The repercussions of cheating are severe. Therefore, gamblers need to research better before playing at any casino.

Meanwhile, how can a dealer collude with players? There are several ways this can happen. Firstly, they can advise a player on which bets to place. By doing so, players win more than they should. Secondly, dealers pay up the chances that players lose. In case someone exposes them, they will serve punishments accordingly. The penalties can include:

  • Losing their jobs
  • Paying heavy fines
  • Serving jail terms

Use of Betting Systems

On the contrary, players also cheat. However, using betting systems doesn't qualify as rigging. Besides, they rarely work. For instance, a player can increase or lower their bets depending on their previous results. Such a system only works in the short term. In fact, casinos know the player's strategy will lose in the long run.

However, it's not cheating if a player identifies a loophole in the wheel. Typically, the casino will not mind unless the player has personally made the changes. In addition, placing a loophole in the wheel will take a lot of time. The player will have to play a lot of games. For instance, players use systems like:

  • Martingale betting system
  • 2-1-2 betting system

The Ball Tripping Procedure

Lastly, illegal casinos are likely to control where the roulette ball will land. They do so by using the ball tripping procedure. Apparently, the dealer will change where the ball lands by dislodging it impulsively. Dealers use this procedure when they seek to prevent high rollers from winning. Furthermore, there are several ways to play this trick.

At present, casinos are placing plastic shields to prevent cheating. The casino places the safeguards around the roulette wheels. This is a security measure that prevents the ball-tripping tricks players use. However, ball tripping procedures are only standard at illegal casinos. It's prudent for gamblers to do more research before dealing with such casinos.